Following on From Vital Statsitics highly successful Ultimate Dashboard , we have recieved much demand for a Dashboard tailored to suit a Sales Manager.

VitalStatistics proudly presents to you our latest dashboard that will suit a sale manager with all the gauges and graphs that you will find useful at ascertaining how your business is progressing

Designed to make data easily readable, the STAT allows a user to select any staff member from a drop down list and then produces the following information in an easy to read format.

• Daily, Weekly and Monthly Sales v Target

• Month to Date GP% & Dollars
• Projected sales for month
• Sales Run Rate. Where you should be at by certain time in the month vs. where you are at.
• Order of the day and month.
• Debtor Account Balance’s highlighting overdue accounts
• 24 Months of Sales History
• Average Invoice Value
• Top 5 Clients by Turnover MTD
• Top 5 Clients by GP$ MTD
• Client of the Month
• Staff Ranking on Company Sales Ladder
• Sales Split – Pie Graph Split by Stock Group to show balance or imbalance of stock movement.
• Sales days remaining in month with recalculating daily goal required to achieve month Target.


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