A payment plan trail with single click? We can now.

October 4, 2019
A growing number of Ontraport users are offering customers payment plan options.

However, until now there was no way to look at the payment plan trail is a single place.

  • How much revenue are you expecting from your payment plans, per month, over the next 24-months?
  • How far along is the average payment plan? Are most in the early stages or are they nearing completion?

With out Payment Plan Analysis gauge, we can now get an easy to read chart of the forward-looking payment plan trail, with just a single click!

This is one of several powerful gauges that comes as standard in the Vital Stats Standard Plan. Sign up now, and in a matter of minutes, you could be looking at your payment plan data, in a chart like this:

There’s a bit going on in this gauge, so let’s break it down. Remember, we can easily toggle each of these in and out of view if you just want to focus on what’s important to you.


Monthly Revenue

This shows you how much revenue you can expect from your current active payment plans, if all customers continue to meet their payments, each month for the next 24 months.

Number of Plans

This shows you how many active payment plans you will have each month for the next 24 months, assuming you have no new payment plan customers.

Average Payment

This shows you the average payment plan amount you will receive in each month over the coming 24 months.

Average Plan Progression

To the left of the gauge we have a special component that tracks average plan progression. So if the average plan progression is 42.5%, that tells you that your average plan is 42.5% of the way through its lifecycle, towards completion. A lower number means your plans are fresher and have further to run. A higher number means your plans are more mature, on average, and nearing completion.

What Does Your Payment Plan Trail Look Like?

The Ontraport Payment Plan Report is located in the Standard Suite of Ontraport Reports in the Vital Stats Ultimate Ontraport Dashboard Subscription Plan.

Sign up for and your data will automatically populate the gauge in a matter of minutes.

But it doesn’t stop there. This is just one of many amazing reports and dashboards that give you practical and profound insight into your business performance, in real time.

Vital Stats: Learn to Love Data.

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