What can you learn with Google Analytics?

  • How visitors found your website
  • If they are first-time visitors, or returning traffic.
  • How visitors moved through the site e.g. did they stay a while and read? Did they click on different pages? Did they get bored and leave straight away?
  • How they accessed the website in the first place e.g. were they on a mobile phone? Or were they doing some online shopping at their work desk when the boss wasn’t looking?
  • Track visitor behaviour from the first page they visit to the moment they become a lead.
  • Use behavioural metrics like bounce rate, average time on site, and average pageviews to optimize your website.

In fact, the above is just a small portion of the metrics that Google Analytics allows you to track and interpret across your domain.

The real benefits to your business

Using Vitalstatistics dashboards in conjunction with Google Analytics , puts some powerful business management tools at the tip of your fingers

Using these two powerful tools allows you to

*gain invaluable insights into your customer’s behavior

*examine facts rather than assumptions or guesses.

*confidently make educated decisions on how to improvement to your website.